Zendalas and Blossoms once again

I got a ton of requests to fast track and pass these two lessons — Radial Blossoms and Radial Zendalas — to the new the new teachable website. And it makes sense, since the Radial Zendalas is almost like a continuation of the Blossom lesson.

Radial Blossoms

This lesson is, as I mentioned, the precursor and a preparation for the more advanced Radial Zendalas lesson. This of it like this: if the Zendalas were a full dish, the Blossoms would be appetizers. Opens your appetite and prepares you for what's coming.


The question I get a lot is: do I need both lessons? If you have never created any mandalas or Zendalas and have very little background in art, then probably yes, because there are important concepts that you learn in the Blossoms lesson, such as understanding Radial and Blossom Structures, and choosing the right tangles to combine.

My favorite thing about this lesson was the Bijou sampler. I created a whole bunch of Radial Blossoms using black and a single other color, as you can see in this picture. So much fun!!!

Radial Zendalas

This lesson explores Zendalas (Zentangle's version of Mandalas) but at a much more complex level than the Blossoms lesson. Think of Radial Zendalas as overgrown Blossoms, created in layers.

The difference between this one and the Blossoms is that a lot more attention is dedicated to preparing the stencil and background; discussing imperfect symmetry; balanced composition, and shading independently of imaginary light source. So you can tell that it's a bit more advanced.

What I like about this method of creating Zendalas is that it's a LOT more forgiving than trying to create mandalas as you typically see them online. That's because I included the notion of “imperfect symmetry”, which removes the stress of having to make each and every little element identical to the next one, so you get a lot more relaxation from the process. And yet, these Zendalas retain a very balanced composition, which is fundamental for the success of the picture.

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