Quintau and Mooka3D

On the wake of a new lesson, you can always count on a whole lot of things happening on my blog. I just released a new lesson on how to prepare and play with the Bijou Raffle, so naturally I get the urge to post pictures of the case studies and examples.

The Bijou Raffle — the way that I'm teaching and playing it — does not only contain tangle patterns, but also Art Enhancers, which are different things that can be done to a pattern. This is a picture that I used as a case study in the lesson, and it started with the following selection of cards extracted from the Bijou Raffle box:

I usually like to take a photo and print out my selection of cards, because then I can carry it around with me or attach it to the final picture.

In this example, I pulled tangles Mooka3D (a tangleation from the tangle Mooka by Zentangle), Zanholli pipes (a tangleation of Zander mixed with Hollibaugh by Sandra Strait) and Quintau (my own tangle, see below).

The Art Enhancers were: Organic Aura (which turned into a Diva Dance); Fancy Corners and Gray borders, also Inward Shadows. I'm pretty happy with the results! I would have never thought of doing this on my own!

Here is a close-up of the final picture:


This is a tangle I came up with back in 2016, but for some reason which escapes me, I never released the step-out. The word “Quintal” (spelled with an L at the end) means backyard in Portuguese, but the L is pronounced as the sound U, so I modified the spelling.

When I first designed this tangle, it reminded me of a long tuft of grass, the kind that grows in your backyard, and it brought back memories of my childhood, living in a house with a super long backyard full of ducks and chickens and trees bearing fruit.

Here is the step-out for you:


I love the way that this tangle can be curved around to fit a certain area, and creates a super elegant winged design.

In the step-out you can see the picture in this blog, but also a second picture, one that I created back in November 2016 after first coming up with the tangle. You can see the original blog post here.

If you want to learn more about the Bijou Raffle lesson, you can find more information at the Lesson shop.