Inchie Mosaics Video Lesson

Do you have unfinished art, pieces that never came to completion, and you can't bring yourself to finish or discard them? This lesson will show you how to repurpose discarded or unfinished art to create beautiful Inchie Mosaics. 

Inchies are tiny pieces of art measuring only 1x1 square inchies, super fun to make!


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What are Inchies? 

Inchies are tiny pieces of art measuring only 1 square inch, usually displayed in a group like a mosaic. Inchies can be made using any technique or media, on paper, fabrics, metal, anything!

Learn how to repurpose your discarded art to create ULTRA dimensional Inchies that look like actual tiles!

Learn how to create SUPER dimensional square tiles

In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to select discarded art based on color

  • How to create a Viewfinder to select tiny masterpieces

  • How to group Inchies together to form a cohesive mosaic

  • How to transform plain squares into 3-dimensional tiles through shading and coloring

  • How to create beautiful antiqued backgrounds with ornate borders

  • How to develop TWO different projects

  • A special bonus at the end to trigger your creativity!

  • And so many tips and tricks!

Give your discarded art new revitalized meaning, with beautiful borders and 3D effects

use different kinds of media in this super fun project

Supplies needed:

This set comes with 2 stencils which help you to place the inchies perfectly on the page, and a sturdy plastic viewfinder to help locate and mark the inchie masterpieces.
Sold through Acadia Laser Creations. Learn more

The results are so 3-dimensional, you'll think it was carved!




Use your favorite tangle patterns to enhance these beautiful mosaics

A special bonus at the end of the lesson, showing you to adapt what you learned to other fun projects

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