Icantoo Inchie Mosaic

This week Square One FB group is having an Icantoo focus -- this is a tangleation on Icanthis, by Hanny Nura (find the step-out here), however, I'm so engrossed in the Inchie Mosaics, I couldn't help myself and had to incorporate Icantoo into one. I love this combination of turquoise, teal green and brown. 

Icantoo is such a pretty tangle, it is a LEAF type that is much easier to draw than Icanthis, so I tried some tangleations using my Art & Tangle Card game, on a couple of recipe cards. 

Here's a brief progression of how the Inchie Mosaic was made:

Here's a closer look of the mosaic, notice how I tried to incorporate Icantoo into all the mini tiles that were not yet tangled over. It was an interesting exercise, forced me to fit the leaves into the spaces that fit. 

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