Feziii and gray depth shading

Back in February this year (where has the year gone!) I posted the stepout to my tangle Feziii (find it here). The reason why I'm so excited about this tangle is because it's a PROCEDURAL tangle, which means that it does not only follow a specific FORM, but a set of rules that can be manipulated to form a super fun mass of pattern. Here are a few variations of the pattern:

The fact that it is a procedural tangle and follows a rule, changes and guarantees that there will always be greater quantity of double and single segments than the others. Here is the step-out again:

In the original Feziii version, I created the lines very thinly, as you can see here:

This is the result of the original version:

Here's a tangleation of the pattern, using much thicker (wider) segments, and also applying gray depth shading. This creates a SUPER dimensional version, I love how it pops from the paper! 

Here's a close-up of the picture:

The reason why I like this "procedural" tangle is that you have more ways to manipulate a pattern that would otherwise be confined to a single shape. Creating Feziii and applying this beautiful type of gray depth shading is the topic of my next lesson. To find out how you can get this lesson, visit my Lesson Shop