Icantoo in color

I just love mixing things together and seeing what happens. I have been playing with the concepts in the latest lesson Illuminated Vines, and decided to see what would happen if I mixed some of those concepts with the tangle Icantoo (originally deconstructed by Hanny Nura, find the step-out here).

By the way, if you want to see more of my experiments with Icantoo, take a peek at my older blog post here.

You can see how I adapted some of the ideas of the Illuminated Vines lesson, such as using the basic colors red, blue and green, and also the background with tiny vines. Here's a little quick step out for you to see:

Here is a close-up of the picture, I really like how this turned out, so unusual!!! I used four different colors of Sakura Micron fineliners, red, blue, green and brown. And I also used some water-soluble brush marker pens and a golden Pen-touch pen.

By the way, if you are amongst those who are using the Pen-touch a lot these days like me, and find it clogging, I discovered something REALLY important. You ABSOLUTELY MUST store this pen horizontally if you don't want the nib to clog. I've kept mine in a box horizontally and have used it for a couple of weeks without a problem. Before, I had to switch the nib every two or three days!

I'm really enjoying Icantoo tangle. If you are fascinated by it like me and would like to see a lesson on it in the future, please contact me here to post a vote. I always appreciate requests!

This design has some characteristics from the lesson Illuminated Vines. If you would like to learn more about the original lesson, visit the lesson shop