Illuminated Vines, this time in black

Art Clubbers and I are still playing with latest lesson on Illuminated Vines. Here's a picture that I created inspired by that lesson, with a few additional changes.

I was creating this one big flower — I got a little carried away — and suddenly did something that I didn't care for in the middle of the process.

Not a problem! I covered the background in black, and it become it's own thing, a really cool version, derived from the original lesson!

Like everything in Zentangle — there are no mistakes, so I created a white vine instead. Turned out even cooler than the original version!!!

What a happy mistake!!! I really LOVE the result of this one, the flowers stand out so vibrantly against the black background. Loving the results, soooooo good!

Here is a close-up of the final picture, you can see the little fruit made using the golden Pen-touch pen. I tip when using this pen: keep it ALWAYS horizontal. If you keep it vertical, the tip will dry and you will have to get replacement nibs.

I did a few things differently in this one — aside from the happy mistake of adding a black background — I also added some little leaves to the ends of the branches of the vine, and the flowers are a little (just a tad) more ornate. :-)

This design was derived from the original lesson on Illuminated Vines. If you would like to learn more about the original lesson, visit the lesson shop