Improved home page design at


I’m so excited about my new website home page!!!

As a solopreneur, I wear many hats and do a lot of different things aside from exploring art and creating lessons. One of my most time consuming activities is website maintenance, and for a while now the home page of my website was bothering me, I felt it was so cluttered and had so much stuff, difficult to navigate.

Here are a couple of pictures of the old home page:


You can see how things were lopsided, with no unified style and SO much information, difficult to digest, especially on a mobile phone. It was about time for a revamp, but I didn’t want to create an entire new site, and I also wanted to keep some of my colors and website style.

So I engaged the services of my lovely sister-in-law, who is starting a business on improving, critiquing and evaluating websites to make them cleaner and more modern. I had a one hour meeting with her (and it took her another hour to evaluate the site’s flow and layout). My head is still spinning with all the things she told me to do….!!!

Oh, my god!!! What an improvement! With her guidance and evaluation, I removed half of the clutter, the home page is now BEAUTIFULLY efficient, clean, modern, just a dream. I've got these big wide banners, everything is unified in a single style, and so many other things.

What I found interesting is how tricky it is to create simple elegance, you would imagine that it's easier to use the concept of “less is more”, but when it's your own stuff, you just cannot see it.

I love everything about the new home page, and especially how she helped me to focus on what really mattered to me as a small business and artist, discussing who the site is made for. Tremendous insights!

I also appreciated the fact that this was not a FULL redesign, because I simply don't have time for that now (when do we ever, right?). We improved what could be improved, and kept the same language and style of the rest. It took me only a couple of days to implement her suggestions on my own (I use Squarespace to host my site).

Next, we're going to work on some of the other key pages. Yay!

(By the way, if you’re interested in her services, email me privately and I’ll put you in touch with her, very reasonable hourly rates for small business entrepreneurs. I can't recommend her enough!)

Now on to starting the release of my next lesson…