Glazed Whitework over Spun Art

Art Clubbers and I are playing with a technique I dubbed “Glazed Whitework”, which involves creating tangled designs over watercolor backgrounds. One of the variations which I really enjoy is repurposing art that was never completed. We all have those, right? Especially during the time when I was playing with Spundalaz art, I made a gazillion of these spun art backgrounds.

I came up with the idea for this lesson while I was thinking of how painters use thin glazes — layers — of paint, oil or acrylics, to add incredibly rich coloring. I used to paint quite a bit, but now find the process to take too long and the oils to be too toxic. I wondered how I could adapt that to simpler media. Here's an example and what I did with it, before and after:

Amazing what layers of color can do, right??? It's like it's not even the same picture. Here's a slower progression of the same picture:

And here are a couple of close-ups of the final picture. I love how incredibly DRAMATIC this turned out. Very cool!

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