A little preview... Glazed Whitework lesson

Here's a little preview of a lesson that is going to be released soon for Art Clubbers. This is a super fun technique that is based on glazing techniques used by traditional painters.

I came up with the idea for this lesson while I was thinking of how painters use thin glazes — layers — of paint, oil or acrylics, to add incredibly rich coloring. I used to paint quite a bit, but now find the process to take too long and the oils to be too toxic. I wondered how I could adapt that to simpler media.

I used a watercolor background with colored pencils, and I just simply love how it turned out so rich, and deep, almost a painterly effect, which is exactly what I was aiming for.

I used some of the simpler tangle patterns I enjoy, such as Static, Tidal, Sez (Zentangle) and some basic checkerboard. Really really enjoy this technique!

If you would like to learn more find information about the Lesson Bundle at the lesson shop