Plume-Ar and friends

Whenever I have a down day (like treatment day), nothing better than a simple black and white Zentangle tile to relax and de-stress. Before creating this one, I pulled out a selection of prompts from my “Prompt bag”. This is what came out:

The way this work is: I have a box (sometimes I switch it and dump everything in a bag) full of bijou tiles. They have tangles, enhancers and just ideas. I never know what I'm going to get, and I usually love the results. I pulled out 8 of them, that doesn't mean I have to use all 8. Since I did not have a string tile, I chose the tangle Sez (Zentangle) to serve as string, and started to fill it up with the tangle All Boxes Up (Alice Hendon):

Next, I started to play with Plume-Ar (Natalie Plechkova), and added also some Square Pedestal (learn more about this in the Mini Tassels lesson). Here's a little sequence of how this tile progressed:

Here is the final picture, I REALLY love how it turned out, so unexpected, especially not being a huge fan of circular strings.

And here is a close-up. I didn't use Echolines in this one, but I did use the Lace prompt and connected everything together. Sometimes a prompt doesn't have to be literally used, there is no lace here, it just serves as an inspiration to do something else.