2017 Recap and Review

Every year it's a good idea to do a recap and review of the entire year. Where were you at the beginning of 2017? What kind of art were you making? How has your work evolved during the year and how has it changed?


2017 was a terrifically creative year for me. This year I started Art Club. Not only do I simply love teaching to a group, but it also caused quite an impact on my own art. I also am creating much more videos than ebooks -- one of my goals for the year -- they take less time to produce and are more appropriate for different techniques. 

I noticed that my art comes in waves, sometimes in color and other time in black and white. The comparison between the beginning of the year and the end was dramatic: the images are bolder, much more controlled and full of impact. 

What about you? How did your art change this year? What caused the change? Write to me and let me know!

HAPPY 2018!!!!