Tangling over Watercolor

Playing with color more and more. This time using a watercolor background instead of distressed tile. Totally different feel! This is the basis of a soon to be released Watercolor Tangling Lesson, which shows a super fun technique on how to connect and bridge tangle sections. 

Tile Before:

Tile After:

And here is the final tile, after applying colored pencils and a lot of good stuff:

The tile has the following tangles: Sandswirl, IX and Tink, and also a lot of wrapped ribbons. Can't wait for you to enjoy this lesson! 

I used a million layers on this one too! Brown inking pen, copic gray marker, white pastel pencil, regular graphite pencil, colored pencils and white gel pen. 

Tangling over Watercolor Video Lesson

Learn how to create and tangle over a watercolor string background and how to create 3D shapes, using bridged tangles with a variety of colored media. An advanced 50-minute lesson.