Koi Watercolor Set Review

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After a very long day driving all over town -- I don't drive very well, it gets me exhausted -- I came home to find a box full of goodies! In the box, I found three new white Gelly Roll pens from Sakura -- including the newest width 05 and 10 -- and SURPRISE! A beautiful portable Koi Watercolor set, compliments from Sakura.

Just so you know, once in a while vendors will send me their products to try out. I have no problem reviewing and endorsing products that I REALLY love. If I can't say anything good about it, then I'd rather not say anything at all. If I really like something, you will know. :-)

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This box is a tiny bit larger than other field watercolor sets I've seen because of the amount of colors, I got the one with 48 colors. It measures about 8x5 inches and is 1 inch tall, and comes in a plastic container. When you first open the set, this is what you see: 

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Now here's the clever part: the top tray can be REMOVED entirely to reveal the 48 watercolor containers. As you can see, the tray has 4 adaptors, one on each corner. 

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The set comes with a waterbrush and a little tiny area for a sponge. Super useful. 

This is the fun part: using those adaptors, you can add the tray using the bottom two holes on the set, or the side ones. This allows for flexibility to move the tray around depending on how you like to hold the set in the field. Here is the tray set to the side:

Learn how to create beautiful Zentangle® • enioken.com

And here is the tray attached to the bottom. Combined with the lid, which stays perfectly horizontal, you have PLENTY of room to create mixes. 

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The quality of the watercolors does not disappoint, like all the Koi watermarkers, the colors are very vibrant. They can be applied richly, almost like gouache, or thinly and watered out. 


If you are searching for a watercolor set, I strongly recommend this one. The colors are vibrant, easy to mix, and the set is really fun. Sakura sent me their largest set with 48 colors, and the colors are delicious! You can find it here

Here's some work in progress, I'll post more when it's done with this piece:


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