Shading Narwal Ebook + Bonus Video

If you just started to learn how to shade doodles and Zentangle® and need some guidance, this tutorial is for you

Learn how to make Narwal tangle look incredibly three-dimensional.


Ebook and Bonus Video!

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Originally deconstructed by Sam Taylor (learn how to draw it here) this tangle pattern was inspired on the unicorn-like tusk of the Narwhal whale. While drawing it can be relatively possible to accomplish, shading it to look 3-dimensional is a more complex task.

What you will find inside Eni Oken's Narwal Shading Ebook

What you will find inside Eni Oken's Narwal Shading Ebook

This ebook contains 32 pages with 80 pictures

3 different exercises: straight, wavy and composite

This is what Tammi Rapp said:

I think it is one of the best, if not THE best, ebooks I've gotten for art.  Wonderfully laid out, the steps were  some of the best shading steps I've ever tried using.  You pulled attention to things I always forget, like the reflected light.  Even though my mom (an artist in her own right) was trying to tell me to do that, I didn't really *get* it until I saw your visual example and how you pointed it out.

I have the {...} book, and a few other drawing books... but I really do love how you've taken specific, tricky tangles, made art with them, and illustrated how to shade *them*.  Yet it's a technique I can apply elsewhere.

I also have to say, the support you give through your new group has been fantastic.


The Bonus Video contains:

13-minutes of instruction showing EXACTLY how to shade Narwal, including:

  • How to think about shading Narwal

  • Mapping out the shading first

  • Materials

  • Important shading tips

  • Work an ornamental version line-art

  • How to create a colorful version

Streaming video which can be viewed on your computer or tablet (not compatible with older iphones or tablets).


You must be familiar with some basic drawing skills such as ink line drawing, and also how to use a blending stump to create SOFT SHADING WITH A PENCIL or equivalent medium. If you have NEVER shaded before, then I have a resource page with list of basic shading videos here .

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