Shading AuraLeah Ebook


If you just started to learn how to shade doodles and Zentangle® and need some guidance, this tutorial is for you: learn how to make Carla du Preez's Aura-Leah tangle look incredibly three-dimensional.  

Shading Instructions & Reference Guide By Eni Oken


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The instruction ebook has 22 pages and 38 Illustrations, showing THE EXACT LOCATION OF EACH SHADING STEP needed to make Aura-Leah look incredibly three-dimensional.

Easy/Intermediate Level


This ebook is not a video. You must be familiar with some basic drawing skills such as ink line drawing, and also how to use a blending stump to create SOFT SHADING WITH A PENCIL or equivalent medium. 

Learn to Shade Aura-Leah in 3 steps:

I asked a friend to give me a review of this lesson and this is what she wrote:

I was honored to have Eni Oken ask if I would look at her tutorial and review it. I have to say - she's done an exceptional job. She gives a nice materials list, very thorough step-by-step instructions, starting with Shading individual leaves to a small group of leaves then a complete design. There are also templates included for you to practice on - small leaves, a small group and the complete design she uses. Well worth the small amount she charges for this PDF. If you are just delving into shading, or even if you have some experience with it, there is a lot of information and it's a great reference to have in your library. Highly Recommend!!!!!

Chris G.


Look at what a difference shading can make on your drawings!

Images and Tutorial Copyright 2015 Eni Oken.

According to (a wonderful library!!!), this tangle was named by South Africa’s Carla du Preez. Find a step-out instruction for the line art here.