How to Shade a Doodle Heart Ebook


This Doodle Heart was created in inked line art and shaded using pencil+blending techniques. I liked the results so much I made a tutorial on how to shade the various elements, one step at a time.

Videos are great, but they don't show the exact placement of the shading. This ebook shows step by step EXACTLY where to shade so that your design looks incredibly three-dimensional.

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The tutorial has 19 pages and 41 Illustrations, showing step by step how to shade a doodle heart drawing. Includes the line art for you to try it yourself!


Learn how to shade a doodle heart

Learn how to shade a doodle heart


  • Regular HB Pencils

  • 6B Pencil

  • Clean Blending Stump

  • Dirty Blending Stump

  • Inking Pens

  • Micro Eraser (or a thin slice of regular white eraser)




If you are a coloring book fanatic, you'll love this technique




This is not a video tutorial. You must be familiar with some basic drawing skills such as ink line drawing, and also how to use a pencil and blending stump.

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