Quabog and Crazy Huggins

Seems like I spoke so much about the “down days”, that I caught a summer bug, it seems like everybody's got it. But no matter, it was all good, a few days down gave me a chance to draw in black and white, (very minimalist). This is a picture that I started a while ago and this was the perfect opportunity to finish it.

This one ALSO started with some random cards pulled out my bijou raffle box. Although I didn't have a picture of the original cards, I was able to reproduce them because I smartly wrote the prompts on the back of the tile. Clever girl, hehe. I went through my deck and reproduced the cards here:

The original inspiration was Crazy Huggins (Zentangle), and I pulled out three more tangle cards (Echoism, Quabog and Mooka), all by Zentangle HQ as well. I didn't have a string, so I created this very random-like, starting with a group of Crazy Huggins in the center, then pulling out the other tangles from it. Here you can see a little sequence.

I also pulled hatching, decorative borders and fanned line-weight. I love it when I pull out the hatching card, and this was especially good for nursing a summer cold, all those little lines. Here you can see a close up during the shading, how the hatching was created so delicately with the line-art. I really took my time with this one!

In between resting and drinking tea, I managed to record a little, and I'm going to include this project in an upcoming lesson about the bijou raffle box. This lesson will be REALLY important and will discuss the different kinds of tangle enhancers, so hang in there, it's coming soon.

Meanwhile, Clubbers and I are just in the beginning of exploring Illuminated Vines, and I'll post more about that one soon, I never got a chance to post more pictures of it — the bug got me first! Now that I'm feeling better, I have more energy to dedicate to that lesson, which is a full color one with lots of different media. Here's a picture of the project:

Isn't that gorgeous? I'm looking forward to playing more with it. You can learn more about it here. Right now, it's only available for Art Club subscribers.

Oh, and by the way, if you want to vote for a lesson covering Crazy Huggins, then send me a note here!