Rushed Dewd and Narwal

This is what happens when you RUSH a piece of art: it turns out rough around the edges, and looks unfinished. I'm rushing around lately to get everything ready before taking off on a two week trip, and suffering from pre-traveling anxiety (is that a thing?). Here is the final picture and the bijou raffle cards:

This is probably my last bijou raffle tile for the few weeks, since I'm not planning in taking my cards with me on the trip. I used tangles Dewd, Tripoli, Static (Zentangle) and Narwal (Sam Taylor), Pufcookie (my own) and some fragments inside Tripoli. I loved the way Narwal turned out so natural with the Change Distance Art Enhancer. Here are the before and after shading pictures:

Although the shading is dramatic, you can see how I didn't spend much time in the rounding and line-weight and I feel that gives the piece a rough, unfinished look. Rushed, rushed! It pays to take your time and do things SLOWLY, mindfully.

Here is a close-up of the final picture:

Speaking of traveling, this time I'm taking an ULTRA minimalist art supply kit with me. It's a little scary and exciting at the same time. “Elegance of limits” will have to do some flexing this time:

It all fits in a tiny 5x7 inch tupperware. I spent a LOT more time curating and packing these supplies than I spent packing my clothes. Oh boy, wish me luck!

If you want to learn more about the Bijou Raffle lesson, you can find more information at the Lesson shop.