Pypz, another new tangle

Isn't it funny how ideas come in batches? I was playing with Zello, which brought up a new tangle FEZIII, and suddenly I couldn't stop, here's one more. Both tangles are heavily inspired in sci-fi/steampunk themes. I just love the way they bunch up!

Here's a close-up of the step-out for you:

I tested a number of different ways to create it, and the easiest and most organic way is to do it as the step-out shows, that is, create a top "profile" line first, then pull out the "C-shapes", and only then complete the bottom profile. This allows the greatest amount of overlap with previous rows. 

Here is a close-up of one of the pictures: 

I'm just loving this stippled background! I've added to several of my latest pieces. Here's another close-up: 

This one seems a bit more organic and crazy -- I might work on it more. I love the "hollibaugh" effect, drawing behind, SOOOO cool! 


Would you like to see a complete video lesson on PYPZ? If so, then contact me here and let me know.