Canon Selphy quick review

I'm just having SOOOO much fun with this little tiny color printer! I needed something in color but didn't want to take too much space on my already very minute office. I found this thermal sublimation Canon Selphy CP1300, for little over $100. 

The supplies for the Selphy come in a kit with exact amount of cartridge and paper for a set amount of prints. I bought the Canon RP-108 Color Ink/Paper Set, which has enough for 108 prints. 

I was PLEASANTLY surprised at the quality of the cards. I prepared my cards in 300 dpi, which is considered a printing standard minimum. Each picture measured 1800x1200 pixels, fitting perfectly a 6x4 inch postcard. 

Here is a close-up, taken directly from the video, and you can see that the quality is pretty good! I'm very pleased with it. 

This is not for everyone, it's an expensive toy -- but if you are an art instructor, or just plain mad about Recipe cards and organization, then here are links to get the printer and the ink/paper kit at Amazon. (I earn a small commission when you click through here, at no extra cost to you). 

I got the Selphy almost exclusively to print out "Zentangle Recipe cards", which is my own organization method of storing ideas and inspirational recipes. If you would like to learn more about these Recipe cards, then consider getting my lesson below: 

Tangling Recipes Video Lesson

Learn an organizational method that will help you to stay organized and inspired even when the muse decides to go for a walk! An easy 34 minute video lesson.