Spring anywhere to be seen?

Except for California -- we live in eternal sunshine -- what is happening with this crazy weather? It's March, we should be having the beginning of spring. I'm a mood for flowers -- but wait, not THOSE DOODLE FLOWERS. 

I continue to be inspired by Egyptian motifs -- the stylized LOTUS flower is such a beautiful design. However, instead making it flatly, I added some "dimensionality" to it. 

The fun thing about this is that you can add a million different patterns to the base of the flower or to the petals, creating so many variations! 

I applied a really soft and painterly watercolor background, then colorized and shaded with pencils: 

And here are more shots of the final picture, made over a 3.5inch Zentangle® tile: 

Lotus Flower Video Lesson

Learn exactly how to create painterly ELEGANT STYLIZED flowers based on Egyptian lotus motif, using the power of foreshortening to create 3D shapes. An advanced hour-long video.