Lotus over Distressed Tile

I had this distressed tile that I had kept for a long time without using because I felt it was an extraordinarily difficult tile to tackle. Not only were the colors a little too muddy, the tile was full of strong marks and inclusions, which makes it difficult to work with. But I just had to do it. 

Tile Before:

Tile After:

It took me a solid 2 hours to work the tile. It was difficult, and the muddy colors didn't help, the many inclusions in the tile didn't help. But I'm glad I tackled it!

I created a large lotus flower along with tangles: Binda (Claire Crook), Mooka3D (Eni Oken), Ruutz (Eni Oken), and a strange stripped Hollibaugh (Zentangle).  Here is a close-up of the 4 inch tile:

I used a brown pen for the line-art, used gray copic markers, colored pencils, gel pens and sharpie pens to color and shade. Soooo many layers!

Lotus Flower Video Lesson

Learn exactly how to create painterly ELEGANT STYLIZED flowers based on Egyptian lotus motif, using the power of foreshortening to create 3D shapes. An advanced hour-long video.