Love Dingbatz!

 Love creating Zentangle® dingbatz •

Zentangle® HQ released a wonderful video on their Mosaic App on how to create what they playfully call "dingbatz", derived from the term "dingbats", which is a type of scrolled printer's ornament normally added to cards and stationary. 

 Love creating Zentangle® dingbatz •

The idea is to create a self contained smaller unit, a sort of frame, and fill it with fragments or your favorite filler tangle. 

I tried my hand at a few and I absolutely love it! I will really have to explore more, especially with knots and scrollwork. 

 Love creating Zentangle® dingbatz •

The video showing how to make Dingbatz from Maria and Rick is available at their Mosaic app. 


Mooka3D & Dingbatz Video Lesson

Learn how to create gorgeous small Zentangle® ornaments (dingbatz) using Mooka3d in this video lesson.


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