Mooka 3D And Dingbatz Video

Learn how to create Dingbatz using Mooka 3D •

Dingbatz (with a Z) is a terrific technique introduced by Zentangle founders Maria and Rick, inspired by traditional printer's ornaments: a small, self contained ornamental design. (You can find Maria and Rick's original video here. )

Learn how to draw dingbatz with an extra degree of dimensionality by adding Echo Lines and Mooka3D


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You might notice that I create my dingbatz a little differently than Maria does, and that is normal, everyone has their own style. 

I like to use a 3D version of Mooka instead of just the single tendril and the video includes detailed explanations on how to create Mooka in 3D, and use pearls and Echo Lines for even more 3D effects.

Learn how to create Dingbatz using Mooka 3D •

Create ultra dimensional dingbatz


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