Live Session on Shading Zentwining over student art

What a super fun live session we had yesterday! This was the fourth live online session for Art Clubbers at the Facebook group. I had this idea of doing a shading exercise where I could show the students a little more in depth critique (always caring and loving) on how they could shade their Zentwining pieces.

This is how it worked:

I asked Art Clubber who were willing to volunteer to submit a picture — shaded or not — of their Zentwining work. Students sent their work via email the day prior and I loaded up the pictures into my new Ipad Pro with Apple Pencil (thanks Mom!).

Then I showed them how to shade Zentwining sections — focusing first on the larger sections — adding shading directly over the student work, with a simulated Procreate graphite brush.

It was incredibly fun to be able to work on existing student work and really explain the shading in depth, focusing on their particular issues.

We covered shadows, general broad shading and then went into the specifics of shading each Zentwining ribbon:

What a great experience! I want to thank the students who participated so willingly and granted me permission to post their work. Valerie Ryan, Debra Huff, Byrd Tetzlaff, Michelle DeMey, Michelle Dugdale and Carmen Clayton, you are the best!

A recording of this live session is now part of the Zentwining Lesson — and will soon be available at my new Teachable school. I'm thrilled with the ease of use of that platform, so much easier to add content and download too! This lesson is not available to the general public yet, only to Art club subscribers. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Art Club today.