Inchie Mosaics

I have a TON of drawings that never got finished, designs that I didn't feel like continuing or some which the inner critic got the best of me and said -- this is horrible, let it go. And I also have a ton of those backgrounds and tests that never got finished.

So I got thinking and came up with a really fun solution on how to re-purpose those drawings and get them out of my "drawing cemetery", I converted them into Inchie Mosaics:

An Inchie is a piece of art that measures only 1x1 inch, and there is an entire following of artists who enjoy creating these tiny masterpieces. Here are some that I created for my upcoming lesson Inchie Mosaics:

I treated my Inchies a little differently, creating a chamfered bezel around them to make them more 3-dimensional, and also a neat border. Here are the individual pictures:


I have to confess that it was emotional and fun at the same time to create the Inchies from my older drawings. On the one hand, it was hard to cut them up -- who likes to cut up their own work, even if it's discarded, right? -- but on the other hand, using art to produce NEW work made me feel super good about those pieces that I would never finish anyway. 


The lesson will come out this Friday -- first for Art Club subscribers -- and uses a variety of different media, including watercolors, inking pens, and colored pencils. SUPER FUN!