Tangled Dragons Video Lesson


My son and I have a lifelong passion for dragons! This super FUN LESSON shows how to create TWO TYPES of dragons: a dragon head and a knotted tangled dragon. 


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In this lesson:

  • Learn how to create the basic guideline which forms all dragon heads

  • Learn how to create embellished tangled dragon heads

  • Understand the important components of the dragon head

  • Create a dragon with a tangled knotted serpent body

  • Case studies and examples

  • No two dragons are alike!


Dragons are fascinating mythical creatures. Learn how to create gloriously tangled embellished dragons, with or without a knotted serpent body. 

You'll learn how to create TWO different types of dragons, with or without a knotted serpent body. No two dragons ever come out alike!


This lesson is an intermediate/advanced lesson. 

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