Fractalized Mooka3D and friends

This is a picture that I created before my trip, and forgot to post! It explores Fractalizing heavily. Notice how there are only three tangles in this picture: Mooka3D, Baton (Carole Ohl) and Arukas. 

It looks incredibly complex, but that is what Fractals do, they create rules for enlarging or reducing that can explain super complex geometries such as snowflakes, branches and shorelines. 

Here's the partial line-art, before the second iteration of arukas was added:

Here is the final picture after shading with Copic markers and black pencil. I really like how the baton scales become so very tiny, that's such a cool effect!


Fractalized Tangles Video Lesson

The pictures in this post were made using techniques taught in this video lesson. If you want to learn more about it, visit my lesson shop!