Fractalized Tangles Video Lesson

 Learn how to create tangled words using Zentangle® •

This is a FANTASTIC lesson which will show you how to approach creating and shading tiny details in Zentangle. Your work will look so good it will appear to be completely covered with embellishment. 

Fractalized Tangles Video

Learn how to use Fractals -- a mathematical concept that can explain complex geometry such as snowflakes -- to create beautiful tangle formations. An advanced video lesson.  
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In this lesson:

  • Get an introduction to Fractals and how they explain natural formations.

  • Learn how you can apply Fractal concepts to manipulate pattern formation

  • Learn the difference between simple change of scale and Fractalizing

  • Case studies and examples

  • Soo many tips and tricks!

 Learn how to create beautiful Radial Zendalas •

Fractals are a complex mathematical concept which explains shorelines, branches and snowflakes. You can use Fractals to create gorgeously complex Zentangle!

 Learn how to create tangled words using Zentangle® •

This lesson is going to change the complexity of your art and take it a whole other level of intricacy. 

 Learn how to create tangled words using Zentangle® •


This lesson is an intermediate/advanced lesson. 


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