Fractalized Verve


There is just something incredibly gratifying about using a thick 1mm pen to add stripes to Zentangle®!!! I used Verve and applied a 2/3 decreasing rule (to learn more about Fractalizing, visit this page). Fractalizing created a beautiful random-like quality to the piece. 

I've been playing with Tiny details for quite a bit, and needed a change, so I created Verve (a tangle deconstructed by JJ LaBarbera here) very bold and large. Here is the line-art before shading:

Before shading, I used a thick 1mm Gracphic 1 pen by Sakura to add stripes and dots. Super fun!

Here is the final picture again after shading with Copic markers and black pencil:


Fractalized Tangles Video Lesson

The pictures in this blog were made using techniques taught in this video lesson. If you want to learn more about it, visit my lesson shop!