Zari tangle


Our Shading and Exploring Facebook group is celebrating it's 100th challenge! The focus tangle of the week is Zari, a tangle deconstructed by Veena Arun here. I continue to work with black and white, still using a strong diagonal like the previous one using Palrevo.


The challenge of this one was that I made it on the plane back from Brazil! Although most plane rides are pretty smooth, this one had a bit of turbulence, which did not help on the line-art. Here is the line-art before shading. You can see that I used the Tiny Details technique, which makes things so intricate that it almost doesn't need any shading: 


I used an F and 2B pencil for shading. I really like how the Zari tangle turned out so 3D and organic, and also the details on the top portion with Narwal and Betweed. 


Shading Tiny Details Video Lesson

The pictures in this blog were made using techniques taught in this video lesson. If you want to learn more about it, visit my lesson shop!