Crazy Gold Auraknot Lesson Bundle or Ebook

I love taking a tangle and pushing it to see how far it can go. In this “crazy” version of the tangle Auraknot (Zentangle), I wanted to make it free, go in all different directions, not confined to the shape of a star, dripping in shimmering gold.

I liked the result so much I made it into a lesson.

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I worked with two golden pens — a Sakura Pentouch (recommended to me by Maria Tovar, thank you!), and a Pentel Slicci. The amount of shimmer I got from these two pens is just ridiculous, look at these pictures!

In the lesson, I started by showing two different ways to create REGULAR Auraknot. Then, I broke all the rules and created a crazy version of Auraknot. Not only you can change the composition and power of the tangle to go beyond the star shape, but it also does not matter if you make a mistake!

In this lesson you will learn:

  • How to create traditional Auraknot tangle using two different methods

  • How to break the conventional Auraknot composition to create a fun, wacky version which is a lot more forgiving

  • How to draw embellished Auraknot with gold pens over dark paper

  • How to SHADE the golden Auraknot — a technique tricky in itself

  • And so many tips and tricks!

Learn how to draw traditional and crazy Auraknot

Create a stunning version of Auraknot using gold pens

Learn how to shade Auraknot

A stunning project, from beginning to end, in an hour-plus video lesson

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