Crazy Auraknot and friends

I love taking a tangle and manipulating it to see what I can do with it. Here, I started with Auraknot and it became something else, like a “Crazy Auraknot”. (After all, we have “Crazy Huggins”, right?)


I pulled out a few more cards from my Art and Tangle raffle bag, and tried to incorporate as many as I could within the tile, surrounding Auraknot. I added Echolines around the Auraknot, which gave it a really enclosed and self-contained look; I added Fife, Sez, Echoism and Shattuck. Here is a close-up:

You can see how the area around the Auraknot is divided by black ribbons, which is a concept shown in the video Shading Tiny Details, very similar to Aquafleur. That was the first bijou card I took out of the bag, and I used it almost as a string.

I love using the random cards to see what's going to happen, it's very fun to try to incorporate the various options into the design and composition of a tile.

If you would like to learn more about Crazy Auraknot, find information about the Lesson Bundle at the shop