In the beginning, tile number one

Here is the first tile of the year of 2017, going back to basics and following the journey proposed by Jane Eileen's FB group of following the Zentangle Primer book.

The first lesson of the Primer book is to create "Your first tile", which contains the classic Z string and Crescent Moon, Hollibaugh, Printemps and Florz tangle. This is THE NUMBER ONE tile you want to create to start your journey with Zentangle.

Here is a short progress of the tile's lineart. I took it as a personal challenge to try some tangleations, as suggested on page 30 and 31 of the Primer, changing and mixing the four patterns together. 

Here is the final tile again: 

What fascinates me about this particular tile is that, although it is taught in almost every single "Zentangle 101" class, the combination is versatile enough to produce different results every time. 

Here are two other tiles I created using almost exactly the same combo (the only difference is the grid pattern). 

This one created August last year:

This one created April 2016, during Seminar 23:

Interesting to see the progression, right? I feel that the latest one is much more fun and exploratory. The contrast between the shapes is cleared and defined, even if the sections have blended together. 

Here it is again: 

And here is the tile in my 3-ring-binder (I add the tiles in chronological order so I can look at my progress). You can get one of these 8x8 binders here.

Will be interesting to do this again beginning of 2018, to see how they compare, and what is different!

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