3DTangle: Shading Case Studies


An ebook that I have been preparing for a loooong time, painstakingly collecting steps of art tiles I have created!

This ebook is completely different than my previous ones: instead of straight technique, take a "peek over my shoulder" and follow my shading process each step of the way.

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15 Shading Case Studies in Black and White with great tips on how to make your Zentangle® art super 3Dimensional

This is an INTERMEDIATE level ebook, for someone who has already done some basic amount of Zentangle shading. If you are just starting, then get my ebook Shading Fearlessly here.

47 Pages full of gorgeous pictures and incredible tips -- learn by studying 15 case studies

This ebook has 15 examples. If you are just starting to shade Zentangle®, ZIA and doodles, then consider getting my ebook Shading Fearlessly first!

I asked my friend Jo Flaherty to review my ebook and this is what she wrote:

In her latest book, “3D Tangle: Shading Case Studies", Eni shares more of her knowledge of dimensional shading. Many of the techniques in this book have been developed by Eni over 28 years of art exploration. Whether you are just starting your shading journey, or are an experienced tangle artist, this book is full of tips to compliment your art. Beautifully illustrated drawings, reinforced by easily understood directions, will make this your go to shading tool.

Eni shares here knowledge of different shading techniques using pencil, pen, markers, or a combination of these tools.Within the 15 case studies presented in her ebook, you will learn how to enhance your drawings, making them appear to jump off the page.If you have ever found yourself lost in a “how to book”, you will be amazed at the ease of use this book provides.The illustrations in this book are in themselves a work of art.

The thing I was most impressed with was the illustrations and written explanations. I am a visual learning, so the illustrations are great for me, but when you add the written directions to correspond with the pictures, it is perfection. This book is for any kind of "learner". If you are looking for that perfect book to take you to another level, this book surpasses anything I have found on how to shade fearlessly in 3D.

(When I got the review I asked her, "Any constructive critique, suggestions?", to which she replied "I meant every word".) Thank you, JO!)

Find the links to the tangle step-outs used in the book here


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Printed in beautiful, thick, luxurious paper
in vibrant colors

Just wanted to say thanks for the great e-book. I haven't drawn much in over 25 years and was feeling really overwhelmed though I used to be quite good. Just reading your book started bringing it all back. Now I think I can tangle with this tangle and not feel so lost. Just wanted to let you know, I really appreciate your clear concise instructions.

Diane C. via email

What other people said about this ebook:

Wonderful reference book! Thanks, Eni! Your books have made such a difference in my Zentangle journey.

Looks great! Lots of great tips and I like 'watching' the tangles progress. It reinforces the steps that work with any pattern by helping you to visualize how you start and move through to the end.

Learn how to shade Zentangle® with Eni Oken • enioken.com

Learn how to shade Zentangle® with Eni Oken • enioken.com

This ebook is not a video. You must be familiar with some basic drawing skills such as ink line drawing.

The fantastic Sandra Strait (AKA Molossus) also gave me a review of the book, read it here!

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Learn how to shade Zentangle® with Eni Oken • enioken.com

Learn how to shade Zentangle® with Eni Oken • enioken.com