Some of my Favorite Tangle Patterns

Thanks to all the artists out there who have graciously created step-outs! These are some of my favorites. The Images redirect to stepouts on the web. If you find a better link or a discrepancy, contact me so I can update this page!

This section is divided by Structure. Some tangles fit into more than one category.


Stand alone, focal element, strong presence, sometimes self-contained, other times spreading out in radial directions with a strong center. 


Stand alone, stem from a base, can stand alone or be bunched up from the base. Sometimes can serve as a secondary focal point.


Stem from a single base point, grows and expands along a stem or branching out, has a certain floral quality. 


Sprout along an edge, repetitive like a path, but strongly dependent of the edge where it sprouts.


Repeats along an edge similarly to Weed/Edge, but can be repeated, building on previous row like the scales of a fish.


Fills spaces organically and chaotically, in all directions. No apparent underlying structure. 


Follows a structured grid, orderly. Grid can be made of points, grid lines and follow a square, triangular or ogee (curve) structure. 


Results look woven, like fabric or braided cord.


Follows and grows along a path, structured, repetitive. Can look flat or cylindrical. 

My Tangles

These are tangles that I have deconstructed and can be found here at my website.


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