Rundl on Black Tile

This week's challenge at the Shading Zentangle Facebook group promises to be soooo fun... Started out really well for me. The focus tangle is Rundl, graciously deconstructed by Ela Rieger here

I drew mine a little differently, using C-shapes to form a sort of scalloped edge, which I really like. On top of that, I figured -- why not add a bit more challenge and try to do it on a black tile? As you might know, I've been playing with black tiles ever since I came back from Seminar CZT 23, and just loving it!

Here is the line art:

Learn how to shade black Zentangle® tiles •

Learn how to shade black Zentangle® tiles •

Shading on black tile presents a number of differences. The first one is the obvious difference between the delicate inking pen at 0.2mm and the white gel pen at 0.8mm (the lines look hugely thick with it!). The size of the tile doesn't change!!! 

This difference makes it nearly impossible to create the delicate work I am so fond of. Ok, so I have to simply get past that and see the beauty of this type of art for what it is. 

Learn how to shade black Zentangle® tiles •

Learn how to shade black Zentangle® tiles •

I like this, they look like colorful cream puffs!

The second and most important issue in shading over black tile is that, in order to get a 3-Dimensional effect, you must think the opposite way that you do when shading over white. On white paper, you darken the shaded areas. On black tile, you lighten the light areas.

Well, I couldn't resist and added a THIRD complication: colored pencils. Weesh! Talk about a challenge! I'm VERY happy with it, I hope you enjoy it too. 

Learn how to shade black Zentangle® tiles •

Tangle: Rundl

White gel pen, black inking pen and colored pencils (no markers!). 

And yes, thanks to all those who requested, there is an ebooks in the works, yay!

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