Ebook Shading Case Studies now in print

Ok, peeps! For those of you who so insistently asked me to post this ebook in print, here it is!!!

The reason why it takes me so long to post these in print is because I like to order one before announcing it, just to check for the print and color. I just got my copy today! 

This book in print has 15 Shading Case Studies in Black and White with great tips on how to make your Zentangle® art super 3Dimensional. 

The print is made through lulu.com, which is a print-on-demand service I use exclusively for my ebooks. The printed books are ONLY AVAILABLE through this link below:

If you want to learn more about this ebook and see what others have said, then visit my Ebook Shop:  enioken.com/3dtangle/

Learn how to shade Zentangle • enioken.com

The pages of the printed book are incredibly thick and luscious, and the colors very vibrant and faithful. 

Learn how to shade Zentangle • enioken.com

I hope you have fun with this one -- it took me  a long time to "collect" the steps for each one of these case studies!

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