Pen Flicking!

This week at the Shading Zentangle® we have two challenges! The second challenge is to experiment with ballpoint pen shading. One our members (thanks Jenna!) found these incredible examples and after a little digging, I found out some unbelievable art. 

I was not unfamiliar with the technique, but had not tried it with Zentangle. Here are some tests! 

When working with an actual tangle, I found it difficult to draw traditional tangles -- instead the technique just kept "asking" to be added more organically. 

Quite honestly, although I really like the results, I did NOT enjoy the process. The process is time consuming and not peaceful at all. Halfway through the process I gave up and used an entirely different pen -- an italic calligraphy pen filled up with distress inks. Ahhh, peace! Here is the line art:

The results are so radically different, it shocked me. These were made by the same artist, with similar shapes, at one single sitting. Looks like two vastly different people worked on these! 

I'm not displeased with the look of the ballpoint pen shading, I think the shading looks incredibly beautiful, but I won't be trying it again. Aside from not being entirely relaxing, I did find it very difficult to form pre-conceived shapes. The drawing seemed to grown on its own. 

The brown portion of the drawing, done with a fountain pen, was so much more enjoyable, but does not have the sophistication of the blue portion. Oh well! 

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