3DTangle: Overlapping Zentangle®

Lovely tanglers, here's the key to creating amazingly intricate Zentangle tiles!


Take your Zentangle to the next level with my 10 rules of Overlap...

This ebook is on fire!

It's just as I imagined: ever since the release of this book, hundreds of tanglers are learning how to produce rich, intricate and dense imagery. The results are all over the web and Facebook.

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One of the most powerful tools an artist can use is Overlap and Layering

Take Zentangle® to the next level with overlap • enioken.com

Made for those who are familiar with Zentangle method and very comfortable with Shading techniques

54 Pages packed with the secrets of Layering, including:

  • About this Ebook

  • Understanding the Power of Overlap

  • Warm up exercises

  • 10 Overlap Strategies and Guidelines

  • Overlap between string sections

  • Overlap between tangles

  • Advanced Overlap: Simulated Knotwork

  • Case Studies

  • Practical Examples

  • Overlap Checklist

  • Templates for you!

You'll learn my 10 rules of Overlap.
You already know a couple of them: Repetition and Shading

(I'm sure you've read this before from me, I'm constantly remind students about the power of repetition!)

Take Zentangle® to the next level with overlap • enioken.com
Take Zentangle® to the next level with overlap • enioken.com

Take Zentangle® to the next level with overlap • enioken.com

There is so much information packed in this ebook

I want to thank ESPECIALLY Tasmin Rootman, for suggesting that I write this book. Thank you for the super constructive suggestions and help editing. This is what she had to say: 

Eni's new overlapping book is bursting at the seams with information set out in such an easily understandable way. I was not able to put it down until I'd read it from front to back, all 55 pages! If you're looking to add a bit more drama, a bit more character to your tangles, then this ebook will help you achieve it. It is going to change the way I tangle for sure. Eni has a way of breaking down a technique to its very basic steps to make it logical and simple to implement with visual aids all the way through. A great addition to any Eni Oken collection.

I also want to thank Denise Vitola, for being such a wonderful editor, your help was invaluable! This is the review Denise wrote about the book:

Overlapping, Layering, Overhang and Shading are concepts that will transform you into a Tangling Diva! In Eni Oken’s book, 3D TANGLE: OVERLAPPING ZENTANGLE®, the author gives you techniques and tips that will guide you from drawing simple Zentangles® to full-blown art. Eni takes you through each technique thoroughly and completely before she gradually combines them into exquisite designs that you, too, can create. She also offers many case studies and templates with check sheets to help you achieve the full effect of overlapping. So get out your paper, pencils and pens, and follow along with Eni as she delivers the secrets to overlapping.

And finally, Dana Jones and Erica Sendel, for so generously agreeing to look over the ebook with insightful suggestions, thank you ladies!

This is what Erica said:

It is amazing.....though you absolutely need to know something about shading....i love it!!!!! i believe if you haven't bought any of Eni Oken Czt books yet....your first two should be Shading Fearlessly and this one.....these will help you with all other books.....guaranteed!!!!!

And this the review from Dana (Jonesy) Jones:

I received an advance copy of Eni Oken's latest ebook, 3D Tangle: Overlapping Zentangle, for an honest review. It is an honor for me, as I am a long-standing student of her work.
This is the book that will illuminate light bulbs in the minds of artists around the world. Eni gives us 54 pages, jam - packed with enrichment. While this book is not geared towards the beginning tanglers, most readers will find her instructions easy to understand. New here, you will find an overlap checklist, which is laid out in detail, one step at a time. Every item on the list includes illustration, for better comprehension. This book is rife with examples of Eni's incredible artwork, a treat in itself, that show how to put the checklist to use. There are advanced techniques, for the artists that want to take their craft even further. Also included, are templates for your tangling practice. This may just be her most influential ebook yet, second only to Shading Fearlessly. It definitely will change the landscape for the Zentangle community. Get yours today. This is a must-have.

This is what Yvonne Li - Tangleoflines - said: 

I just bought your ebook on overlapping and although I only took a short peek into it I can already say I'm going to love it! I recently noticed that my tiles are usually very cluttered and I think your ebook is exactly what I need right now, so many thanks to you for your hard work! Best wishes from Germany!

In this ebook you will find practical exercises, starting with the basics: 

Take Zentangle® to the next level with overlap • enioken.com

This is what Debra said right after she got the ebook:

I am so excited. I just finished reading my first time through. I think you wrote this just for me to answer so many questions. This is my favorite of all your books. I'm ready to start to work playing. Thank you!

And after reading it a bit more, this is what Debra sent to me via private message: 

Eni, this book is beyond anything I could have hoped for. You structured what I need to consider from beginning to end. The checklist helps me learn to self evaluate so I can add punch to the work or understand what I'm missing. WOW!!!!!! I love it.


And look at this awesome student work!

And this is what others said about it:

I got the book and it is fantastic! Just like all Eni's other books!

Picked it up and am really enjoying it, Eni! Definitely giving me some ideas for the next tiles ...

Got my copy last night. Great approach and very clear instructions. Highly recommend as I do all of Eni's books

Eni this ebook is fantastic! Well written and easy to understand-well done!!!

There are plenty of commented Case Studies and Examples:

I strongly recommend this ebook for INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED tanglers, familiar with the Zentangle method and very comfortable with Shading Techniques. If you are just starting to shade Zentangle, try this book instead:

Learn to shade Zentangle® • enioken.com

Learn to shade Zentangle® • enioken.com

3DTangle Shading Fearlessly

This ebook will change your approach to shading Zentangle, ZIA and doodles. It's the perfect book for those who are still trying to understand shading.  
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