It's here! The Overlap book

I am SOOOOO excited because I just finished and released yesterday my latest ebook 3DTangle Overlapping Zentangle®. I feel giddy all over, this is the first book from the 3DTangle series which is NOT just about shading or coloring techniques (or at least not too much). 

Learn to create amazing Zentangle® •

Learn to create amazing Zentangle® •

This book covers one of my favorite art concepts EVER: Overlap and Layering. I believe that understanding overlap is one of the strongest assets any artist can have in their creative arsenal! It is one the most important skills to learn -- even if you are a beginner and can't apply it right away, keep it in the back of your mind. 

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Building a castle starts with a single brick

Why is Overlap so important? Because it is the ESSENCE OF INTRICACY. Most complex art is made of layers and layers of building blocks -- basic shapes, colors and textures which can be constructed into a masterpiece. 

In Zentangle, we understand this concept REALLY well. In fact, the entire Zentangle method is based on constructing a beautiful picture by using simple line strokes. The motto "one stroke at a time" represents everything Zentangle is. 

What makes this book different is that it shows you WHY and HOW overlap works, and what you can do to really improve the quality of your tangled pictures. 


One stroke at a time and "drawing behind"

Drawing behind is one of the first concepts a tangler learns, most commonly through the classic tangle pattern Hollibaugh. 

However, Hollibaugh and drawing behind are just the basics. This book will show you WHAT ELSE you can do, and how Overlap works to create incredibly complex pictures, with almost any tangle pattern available. 

My 10 Overlap Guidelines will guide you to create incredibly complex pictures!

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Well, I knew that understanding overlap was important, but I did not expect the book to be received with such a bang! Only a couple of hours after the release, I had a best seller in my hands and a flood of comments in my inbox, saying how much this book changed their outlook on art, how this was as important as the Shading Fearlessly and other fabulous comments (you can read some of them here). 

To all who wrote, THANK YOU. And many, many thanks to my lovely group of reviewers, ladies who took the time to look through my rough draft and give me invaluable suggestions. 

I hope you too will appreciate the ebook and send me email to let me know how it has transformed your outlook on art, not only Zentangle! 


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