Morphing over green

I'm just completely fascinated with the topic of MORPHING tangles. About a year ago, the amazing Lynn Mead introduced me to the concept of tangle blends, where two tangles blend together so that the string boundary is completely imperceptible. A Tangle Morph takes this idea a step further: one tangle slowly and gradually transforms itself into the other. 

Original Tangles:

After Morphing:

In this tile, the tangle Sandswirl (Karry Heun) gradually morphs into Emingle grid (Zentangle); while in a different section of the grid, Jaysix (Eni Oken) morphs into Caviar (Lori Howe). See how the transformation is gradual? SUPER FUN!

To complete the tile, I added a blue/green watercolor background, some fancy 3D auras and framed hollibaugh. 

Morphs are the topic of my next two lessons -- Part 1 is covers morphing organic fillers and grids, while Part 2 will explore morphing tangles of different types. 

Tangle Morphing Part 1 Video Lesson

Learn a fascinating technique on how to slowly and gradually transform one tangle another. Part 1 covers organic fillers and grid patterns. An advanced 50-minute lesson.