Tangle Morphing - Part 1 - Video Lesson

Morphing Tangles is one of those super difficult techniques everybody wonders about. It's about transforming one tangle GRADUALLY AND SMOOTHLY into another. In this lesson, you'll start to explore the mysterious world of transformative morphs, where one pattern becomes another, using a method that goes completely against logic. I'll show you *exactly* how to approach this difficult topic, and the results WILL SURPRISE YOU. 

When you tackle a morph between two tangles, the results are unexpected and surprising!


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What is a tangle morph?

A MORPH is a gradual and smooth transition between two different tangles. Sometimes called a blend, a true morph does not simply jump from one tangle to the next. You can actually see the transformation of the tangle into another pattern. In this example, you can see how Crescent Moon slowly transforms itself into Printemps. 


In this lesson you will:

  • Understand what a morph is: the gradual transformation from one tangle to the next

  • Understand a SOLID METHOD on how to approach this advanced topic

  • How to select, practice and test morph

  • Tricks and tools that can help to morph two entirely different tangles

  • This lesson, Part 1 of 2, covers morphs between organic fillers and/or grid patterns

  • How to understand the basic repeating unit, and create your own stunning morphs

  • An easy string and composition layout to display your beautiful morphs

  • And so many tips and tricks!

UNDERSTAND how to create your own tangle morphs

This lesson will show you a solid method showing how you can select and experiment with your favorite tangles to create beautiful smooth transitions

This lesson shows you not only practical examples, but the entire process behind successful morphs


An advanced lesson for those ready to explore beyond filler patterns

This lesson is Part 1 of a double lesson on Tangle Morphing, and covers organic fillers and grid tangles

Due to the complexity of this topic, this lesson is Part 1 of a double lesson: learn to approach organic fillers and grid patterns. Part 2 will cover transitions and morphs between other types of tangles. 


Learn an easy way to apply your morphs immediately to create images like this one

Includes recipe cards of the morphs described in the lesson and also a TEMPLATE for you to create your own morph recipes

Note: this lesson shows how to create morphs and also includes an easy string layout example on how to display your morphs immediately on a Zentangle tile. Due to the time consuming nature of this technique, the lesson DOES NOT INCLUDE how to shade this project or how to create colored backgrounds. 

This is an ADVANCED LESSON and is not suitable for beginners

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