Wrap and Bridge over Tan

Two nights ago I woke up and just felt like I wanted to create Wrap and Bridge (a technique if tangling shown in the Tangling over Watercolor lesson) on a distressed tan tile. I couldn't get to it until now, and I just LOVE this. 

Tile Before:

Tile After:

As you can see, I only create a very faint string with watercolors. I had no idea how it was going to turn out. I used traditional media used in Tan Treasure techniques: brown pen, black pen, white charcoal, pencil, gel pen and gray marker. The edges were darkened using brown pastel. 

The tile has the following tangles: Sandswirl, Purk, Baskit, and a new one to me, Spangle (Mimi Lempart), and lots of wrapped ribbons. 

Tangling over Watercolor Video Lesson

If you want to learn more about "wrap and bridge" over watercolors, visit the shop to get this lesson. An advanced 50-minute lesson.