Morphing leaves

Playing with other types of tangles and working hard on the second part of the Morphing Tangle lesson. This example shows Poke Leaf (Zentangle) converting into Kwazeela (Eni Oken), which are both VINE tangles. Here's the line-art before Shading:

Morph Line Art:

Tile Line-art before shading:


And here's the final tile after shading with colored pencils, water-soluble fine-liner, markers and pencils:

I added very dramatic shading to the inside of the frame -- LOVE THAT EFFECT! I also added a colored tangled background. I love the contrast between the colorful background and the black and white shading of the morph itself. 

Here's a closeup: 

Morphs are the topic of my two newest lessons -- Part 1 is covers morphing organic fillers and grids, while Part 2 will explore morphing tangles of different types. 

Tangle Morphing Part 1 Video Lesson

Learn a fascinating technique on how to slowly and gradually transform one tangle another. Part 1 covers organic fillers and grid patterns. An advanced 50-minute lesson.