Ribbon Morphs

Still playing with tangle morphing: this time I used THREE morphs in the same picture, two ribbons and one larger. Ribbon morphs are included in the second part of the 2 part series Morphing Tangle lesson

Line Art:

After shading:

I morphed Curl On into Copada, Prestwood into Zander and Sandswirl into Emingle. Added some drama with a inked out background and some tipple and white gel pen dots. So much fun!

Still having fun with those funky frames and corners, they just make the picture so unusual. 

Morphs are the topic of my two newest lessons -- Part 1 is covers morphing organic fillers and grids, while Part 2 will explore morphing tangles of different types. 

Tangle Morphing Part 2 Video Lesson

Learn a fascinating technique on how to slowly and gradually transform one tangle another. Part 2 covers vine, weed, ribbon and blossom tangles. An advanced 50-minute lesson.