More Minimalist Auras


A couple of weeks ago I posted a few minimalist pictures I created during a holiday weekend. Who knew people would like them so much! These pictures are created using almost exclusively Auras, and the many things you can do to them, which is the topic the video lesson Aura Timeline.

The lesson was practically already recorded, but since I got so many requests, I snuck in a little extra bonus at the end of it showing how I create these very airy and minimalist tiles. Here's the latest one:

Here are a few “Work in progress” pictures. I love how airy these look! And they really are very much in the spirit of Zentangle®, you can create them in very short amount of time.

As I mentioned before, I am not a huge fan of minimalism, but these are so delicate and fairy-like, that they are growing on me and I think I will be creating a lot more of them.

I'm super excited about the lesson coming out tomorrow, this is a VERY powerful one, and promises to be one of those game changers — it will change how you look at your own art and the things you can do with tangle patterns.

Here are a few screengrabs:

You can find this lesson at the Shop!