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If you explore Zentangle®, you probably already know about the Aura. It's one of the most common tangle enhancers you can use. However, have you really explored EVERYTHING you can do with it?

In this lesson, you'll learn all the different things you can do with this deceivingly simple tool, and WILL CHANGE YOUR WORK FOREVER.

Learn to appreciate your artistic growth

I hear it almost every day, “I don't like my work”, “I'm so behind everybody else”. In this lesson, you'll not only learn about Auras, but also learn how to create a TIMELINE, a tool I developed to help you appreciate YOUR growth.

Stop comparing yourself to others! Instead, compare your own work to the work you did before.

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In this lesson you will:

  • Learn how to draw simple auras with imperceptible connections

  • Learn how to create over 30 DIFFERENT individual Aura options

  • Learn how to combine Auras to create incredibly intricate details over your tangled tiles

  • Create an “Aura Timeline”, a tool I developed to help you appreciate your own growth

  • Develop at least 6 different mini bijou projects

  • Learn how to create minimalist tangled tiles using only Auras

  • And so many tips and tricks!

This lesson is a game changer, you'll never look at Auras the same way

Supplies needed:

  • Approximately 40 2x2 in bijou tiles or a sketchbook

  • Black inking pen. My favorite is Sakura's Pigma Micron 01

  • Brown inking pen. My favorite is Sakura's Pigma Micron 01 Brown

  • Scotch tape

  • Graphite pencil

  • Blending stump

Understand the power of Auras through extensive exercises

In this lesson, I'll show you over 30 different things you can do to Auras. Combined, these effects will transform your work in ways you never imagined. You won't believe it yourself!


Auras can enhance ANY tangle


As a bonus, learn how you can create 15-minute tiles using ONLY Auras. This is in the true spirit of Zentangle!

“Thin Border” recipe card included

So many different things you can do to Auras, you won't believe it


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