Metal Mandalas

Continuing the super fun embossed metal tangles vein, I created a couple of metal mandalas with a jewel in the center. SOOOOO MUCH FUN!

Creating a circular design requires a bit of preparation, because the metal tape is not wide enough to span a 4 inch circle, and I really wanted to create something more circular. This one is the first one I created, and I selected the four seasons as my theme. You can see that Spring is represented by a few flowers, Summer is represented by a Sun (similar to what I did in the Blue Sun lesson), Fall is represented by the wind in tangle Curl On by Linda Rea and Winter is represented by a stylized snowflake, created similarly to the Square Medallions lesson. I attached a large flat back rhinestone to the center.

Here it is before adding the second layer of distress — a little cleaner, I like it just as much, can't really decide which one I like best.

In this next one, I used WATER as my inspiration — the tangles Crest by Suzanne Davis, Sea Wave by Ginny Lu, Riverstones by Lori Howe and Static (lightning) by Zentangle. I attached a glass pebble to the center.

This lesson is available at the Shop right now!